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Some people may want to use grass seed to start a lawn from scratch while others may want to provide coverage with grass seed in an already- existing lawn. However achieving the perfect lawn is a lot more than buying grass seed from your local retailer or from an online store. It requires knowledge of types of seeds You must know which grass seed works for your lawn and make sure it survives the very rainy seasons and the severely dry days. This enables you to get the grass seed that grows with the least amount of water allowing you to save the earth and save water too

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How To Plant Grass Seed

Knowing which season to plant grass is extremely essential to how good a lawn you are going to get. Know how to plant grass by learning that there are basically two types of grass: cold season ones and warm season ones. If you live in a place that has colder weather, then the cold season (as opposed to warm season grass) grass will be perfect for you and if you live in warm weather, warm season grass will work best. Late summer and early fall is the best season to plant the former type and late spring is the right time to plant the latter type.

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Grass Seed for shade?

There are ways to grow grass in a shady lawn or a lawn that gets too little sunlight. How is that possible? Well, grass seed for shade makes it possible! Now it would be a mistake to assume that grass seed for shade can make grass grow in the dark. No, that’s not possible. The grass seed in shade this article is talking about is shade- tolerant grass or grass that can grow and survive with less sunlight than normal grass. Grass seed for shade does best in lawns where little sunlight gets in particular areas while the rest of the lawn gets a good amount of sunlight.

Grass Types

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Getting a lush lawn

Do you want to give your home a whole new look but don’t want to spend the big bucks? Well, a great way to do just that is to learn how to plant grass and develop a brand new lawn in front of your house. You can do everything on your own and give your front yard a whole new look without spending a lot of money at all! Chances are after your huge landscaping job you will be left with lots of bad soil and mulch you need thrown away. That sounds like the perfect job for a junk removal service
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